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This is a mural I painted on the bedroom wall of my '92-'93 apartment. The Chao itself is about three feet (a meter or so) in diameter. I used day-glo, neon poster paints so it was very, very bright. And with a blacklight it reallyed glowed The head of my bed was centered right below the Chao, just out of frame.

The apple, as any good Discordian knows, says KALLISTI. The B&W pattern is really simple to recreate. Take a rectangle, find the center of each side. Now draw a line from all of the centers and corners to connect to all of the other centers and corners. Now pick one area and color it in. Ok, now don't color any areas that touch on a SIDE. Continue. There you have it. I created it one day doodling when stuck on the phone in support at Xylogics.

Of trivial note: Off on the right are two pieces of art. The upper one is an original piece I commissioned at Anime Expo '92 from Artists by Knight as a potential UF cover. It has the 3WAnarchy logo (a twist on the 3WA logo), with the SDF-17 Wayward Son, and finally Kei and Yuri. The lower piece is an original piece by Ben Dunn, creator of Ninja High School. It is Itchy-Koo and Asrial as Yuri and Kei, respectively.

More trivia: The prisms/pyramids are unused Smartfood wrapper, mirrored side out. Fastened to the wall with a glue known as Barge Cement. I understand the landlord was not happy. One of my roomies worked for Smartfood and brought home an unused roll of the bagging material - I still have it.

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