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One of the series of photos all taken the same day in the apartment. (Keep watching, same shirt, same locale.) I believe it was to use up the roll of film so that I could get these scanned and to the friend who wanted them for sketching.

The view is from the living room, past me, into the kitchen. Actually this is probably a better picture of the poster than of me. I'm a Sandman fan - actually I'm a Death fan, I developed a crush on her that I still have. Yes, I developed crushes on keen fictional characters, I'm weird that way. Maybe it comes from being an author - characters seem more real.

Triva: There are seven Endless. Dream is on the far left. Death is next to him, playing with Delirium's hair - she is sitting on the floor. Behind the two of them in the crested helmet is Destruction. Sort of between Death and Destruction is Desire. In the back right corner, in the robes, is Destiny. And Despair is playing the harp.

Super secret trivia: Beneath my right pit, on the far wall, you can barely see a dark, bluish outline. That's the back of my old denim jacket which I had had airbrushed with Eve from MegaZone23. I liked it so much that when the jacket wore out I cut it apart and hung it on the wall like a skin.

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