Life screams out

New, naive
Growing, learning
Love and hate,
Pain and joy

Cycles of cycles

Lone, cold and strong
Conform, warm and meek
Perception's sin
Is assuming knowledge
Sympathy, empathy
Lies of need
Lies of want
Needing to belong
Belong where?
Wanting to believe
Believe what?
Faith is substitute knowledge
Placebo for the psyche
A fragile construct
Too easily damaged by the truth
Eyes closed in silent paranoia
Reality filtered, senses bent
Desperate to reduce the pain
Pain of knowing
Numbness or madness
Is there a difference?
Ignorance fans the flames
Feel the heat
Douse the fires
Or build a wall
Insulation of isolation
Time is limited
Tomorrow is today is yesterday
Continue the cycle
Or jump the tracks

Hurry now
For too late
Comes too soon

Life cries out

-megazone, cycles of cycles of cycles - I'm getting dizzy, 9/10/93

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