It doesn't seem that long since we met
I knew you were special from the start
Knew that you were the one
I wanted you by my side
You were the one to share my life's adventures
I knew I could trust you

You've been faithful
Following me through my trials
Always by my side
Ever supportive
Making my life fuller
I knew I could trust you

This one act I ask of you
I beg your agreement
You cannot you say
My eyes plead with you silently
You agree reluctantly
I knew I could trust you

I prepare myself for the evening
This is an incredible night
You arrive on time, prepared
A last thank you and you raise the sword
Just one blow, your aim was true
I knew I could trust you

-megazone, the bible wasn't meant to have a Micky Spilane twist ending, 10/15/92

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