Intelligent, witty, fun dammit!
An old friend, a lover, I've just met
In some tiny pub I never planned to visit
In a country I never thought I'd see
(at least not this soon)
I find a soul-mate

Is it wrong?
To want to kiss her, to lick and suck,
to feel her body against mine.
It's the conversation, she's quick...
I love her mind,
and want her body

I feel dirty somehow, corrupt
I could ignore it,
'cept she feels it too
I can sense it on her skin,
see it in her eyes,
and feel it in her kiss

Can you love someone so fast?
This isn't lust, I know it well.
How can I want her so badly?
How can I not?
I savor every moment,
knowing I'll never see her again

Left with a deep regret,
I never learned her name

-megazone, Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac, 7/18/94

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